SALSA field work completed!

We’ve returned last night from a 10 day field work 🚁 removing SALSA seismic stations that have been recording earthquakes and seismic noise along the mighty New Zealand- Aotearoa Alpine Fault for the past 2 years ⛰. Very sad to undo such hard work but excited to dive into the “fault’s whispers” data 👩‍💻 !

Prof John Townend and the SALSA team, Dr Calum Chamberlain, Carmen Juarez-Garfias & Olivia Pita-Sllim PhD students (THW-VUW) Dr Emily Warren-Smith (GNS), Associate Prof. Kasper Van Wijk (UoA), Assistant professor Marine Denolle (University of Washington), Prof Hiroe Miyake (University of Tokyo) & Prof Andrew Curtis (University of Edinburgh).

Huge thanks to awesome field work colleagues: Dr El Mestel, Codee-Leigh Williams, Charlotte Doogue and Jack Andrew Smith 💪

More info:

Project supported by the Marsden Fund Council from Government funding, managed by Royal Society Te Apārangi.