Research projects

Research interests:

  • Developing advanced seismology techniques for detailed seismic building assessment
  • Feasibility study for an earthquake early warning system for New Zealand
  • Developing efficient signal processing and analysis techniques to better understand the rupture physics of past large New Zealand earthquakes 
  • Ground motion simulations for past and future large New Zealand earthquakes and their impact for civil defence, national responders and engineering communities (landslide and tsunami, geotechnical and structural)

Current projects

  • Structural health monitoring of Wellington buildings, funded by “It’s Our Fault”
  • “Fault slip and ground shaking in the next Alpine Fault earthquake”, 2020 Marsden funded research in collaboration with Prof John Townend (VUW) co-leader of the project and Associate Professor Kasper Van Wijk (The University of Auckland), Dr Calum Chamberlain (Victoria University of Wellington), Dr Emily Warren-Smith (GNS Science), Dr Marine Denolle ( University of Washington), Professor Andrew Curtis (University of Edinburgh), Associate Professor Miyake (The University of Tokyo)
  • Earthquake and tsunami early warning for New Zealand, funded by RNC2 ( in collaboration with Victoria University (Prof Martha Savage) EQC ( – Sarah-Jayne McCurrach), NEMA (  and Massey University (Dr Julia Becker and the Crisis Lab