Caroline Holden

I grew up in the small but vibrant city of Villeneuve d’Ascq in the french Flanders Plains. I moved to Strasbourg and the Plains of Alsace in 1996 to study geophysics, and later to Christchurch and the Canterbury Plains in New Zealand in 2000 to study seismology.  I’m now living and working in beautiful hilly Wellington.

A bit of background

I received an engineering degree in Geophysics from IPGS France and a PhD in Seismology from the University of Canterbury (2004) with Dr John Berrill. I worked as a postdoc researcher on earthquake source mechanics at ENS France with Professor Raul Madariaga.

As a senior seismologist for GNS Science for over 14 years, I was part of the awesome tectonophysics team.  While at GNS, I  also provided expertise as a GeoNet earthquake duty officer and a member of the NZ tsunami expert panel for over a decade. This provided me with a fantastic opportunity to interact with key NZ resilience leaders like NEMA, EQC and WREMO, as well as, the extended earthquake engineering community.

Between 2018-2021 I led the  It’s Our Fault research programme working with Wellington City Council,  NZ Earthquake Commission (EQC) and Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) on earthquake resilience for the Wellington region (Itsourfault.org.nz)

I am a Honorary Research Associate at Victoria University of Wellington and a fellow of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering. (nzsee.org.nz)

I'm also passionate about...

being an advocate for France-Aotearoa NZ relationships in science areas.